File Review

Our Professional Team will set up a process to review all of your claims expeditiously to identify potential subrogation or second injury fund recoveries.  As opposed to programs that claim to “data mine” by searching for keywords or so called predictive models, our team uses an “eyes on” approach to identify potential claims for further investigation. We provide file review on both open claims but closed for subrogation pursuit and closed claims.


  • Client runs a list of closed claims including certain pre-determined data fields.
  • ISG performs initial “triage” of that list to come up with a final list of claims to review.
  • ISG coordinates with client to review the final list either at the client facility or claim files are uploaded to ISG’s secure FTP site.
  • ISG then manually goes through each of these files in detail to determine missed recovery opportunities.
  • ISG identifies the missed opportunities.
  • ISG provides list of claims to pursue subrogation and receives approval by client.
  • Within 10 days of client’s approval to proceed, ISG investigates and pursues
  • ISG engages in alternative dispute resolution and litigation
  • Claim file will be closed down no later than 6 months after approval to proceed, unless actively engaged in payment arrangements or recent activity requires additional time.