Workers’ Compensation Subrogation

The Workers’ Compensation Subrogation Practice at Insurance Subrogation Group (ISG) handles claims throughout the United States. ISG help many workers’ compensation insurers and self insured employers recover substantial payments from responsible third parties. ISG has broad experience identifying and prosecuting subrogation claims from the smallest medical-expense-only claims to the most complex and highest value permanency or death claims. ISG works on claims involving:

  • Auto accidents
  • Criminal acts by third parties
  • Defective equipment and machinery
  • Dog bites
  • Falling objects
  • Insurance disputes
  • Premise liability
  • Product liability
  • Slip & fall accidents
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists
  • Wrongful death

Protection of Subrogation Rights

Workers’ compensation laws can differ dramatically from state to state. Some states allow direct actions against the third parties. Others provide for statutory reimbursement formulas from injured employees’ settlement proceeds. ISG protects the insurer’s and self- insured employer’s subrogation interests by:

  • Filing Complaint to Intervene – The insurer and self insured employer can become a party to a civil case already filed by the injured worker against the third party in order to assert its right to reimbursement.
  • Filing a Complaint – The insurer and self insured employer can commence a civil case against a third party. This is done when the injured employee does not file a civil complaint in order to assert his or her right to reimbursement. ISG ensures that the applicable statute of limitations is preserved.
  • Filing a Notice of Lien – Although this method offers the least amount of protection, ISG aggressively and closely monitors negotiations and settlements between the injured employee and third parties.

ISG will ensure that every claim is thoroughly reviewed and all potential avenues of subrogation are investigated and analyzed so that every potential recovery dollar gets reimbursed at the earliest possible time.